We would also like to acknowledge our 100+ private donor Healthpartners and we'd also like to thank our corporate, government, and organization donors!

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See where the current healthcare needs of the community are and learn where you can make a difference. The Rock Springs Clinic serves over 1200 patients a year in 83 cities in 34 counties throughout Middle Georgia. These patients all lack health insurance and struggle to find access to healthcare that is both affordable and personalized. The Rock Springs Clinic provides these services and more to patients in need for free. Donations from private individuals, families, corporations, government grants and other non-profit organizations help fund these services.


Sponsorship provides a unique opportunity to play an integral role in directly improving the health and wellbeing of the underserved in the community.It helps children, families and communities improve their quality of life providing primary health care, medications and lifestyle changes. Thousands go without affordable access to quality healthcare each year, opening them up to worsening health conditions, disease outcomes and life-fulfillment. You now have the chance to support those in need, reducing their daily struggle by providing them basic human needs like access to primary care, professional wound management, and life-sustaining medications. Make a difference today!


1.9 million uninsured citizens in Georgia

96 free and charitable clinics to serve 1.9 million

Georgia ranks 3rd in US of citizens left without Affordable Care Act government insurance

These citizens are the people who serve you in restaurants, clean your hotel room, mow your lawns, and keep your children; 80% are employed.


Partnering with RSC provides a unique opportunity for community involvement by sponsoring a patient. These sponsorships help to make an incredible difference in the lives of our patients, allowing them to attain healthy living and more effective disease management. Monthly Health Partner donations allow us to sustain the operating expenses of the clinic and expand our services and service days.

Donations are tax deductible and can be made by mail, in person at the clinic, or through the link below.
The link below will open a new window to a secure donation site.

What your donations provide:

$20 Monthly - Basic operating costs
$50 Monthly - Patient office visits, lab work, medications
$100 Monthly - Additional services to patients and expanded operating hours

Depending on the needs of the patient, we focus on:


♦ Wellness Checks ♦ Diabetes Testing and Management ♦ Cholesterol Testing and Management
♦ Hypertension Management ♦ Acute Infections and Illnesses ♦ Medication Consultation and Assistance ♦ Laboratory Test and Referrals


♦ Individual Counseling ♦ Spiritual Guidance ♦ Healthy Diet Lifestyle
We are a non-profit 501(c)3 organization which operates through monetary donations and donated hours of service by our professional volunteers. Your donations allow us to open our clinic week after week, serving our community at no cost to those recipients who meet clinic qualifications.